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CHEAT SHEET: Seasonal Mixed Boxes

CHEAT SHEET: Seasonal Mixed Boxes

Seasonal mixed boxes. The best way to consume a wide variety of produce at the height of its season. Always included are the staples like potatoes, onions and carrots and then a great range of farm fresh seasonal items that we secrure for the best and fairest possible price, making your dollar stretch as far as it can.

So how to get the most out of your box? Let me present…

The Beginners Guide to Seasonal Mixed Boxes

1)  Receive First, Plan Later: Find the joy in the unpacking of your precious box of goodies. Remember the hands that lovingly went into the growth and production of each item. Only then plan the week’s meals around the contents.2)  Keep it Simple: Work from a pattern of simple recipes that enable you to interchange your ingredients based on season.  This is the key that opens the lock to maximizing the use of your Seasonal Mixed Box

3)  Triage:  Micromanaging the box is not necessary. Chances are that some items have a longer shelf or refrigerator life than others that can hang around for weeks.  With proper storage, items like onions and garlic, apples, citrus, cabbage, kohlrabi, root vegetables, potatoes, and pumpkin can hang around from weeks to months! You don’t have to use them up right away.   The “usual suspects” like the leafy greens do need to be used quickly and the rest can be enjoyed fresh in a reasonable amount of time or made into recipes that can be frozen, canned, dehydrated or fermented.

4) Learn to Preserve:  If you have a few tricks up your sleeve when you receive your order or when unmissable deals on bulk produce arise, you will have an idea how to use your ingredients without continuously using them as juice or salad; or having half of them end up in the compost heap or at the tip.  Bulk quantities are anything that scream “STEAL” when they can be made into something delicious to put away until later.

For added savings check out our subscription service for up to an additional 10% off your weekly order, and never have to remember to place an order again!
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