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THE ORGANIC HARVEST | Your Guide For The Week Ahead (order Before 8pm Sunday)

THE ORGANIC HARVEST | Your guide for the week ahead (order before 8pm Sunday)

Summer storms and heat always keep our farmers on their toes and this year is proving no exception. Add an unusually high number of summer bugs into the mix and things start getting really hairy! As always, we’re grateful to our farmers for sticking out the trials and tribulations to keep bringing us their amazing produce week after week. And we’re grateful for your support, too!  Without you none of this would be possible.

Looking to go organic but don’t have the time to shop around? Our Organic Set Boxes are here to help! Scroll down to check out the predicted contents of the seasonal mixed boxes in the week ahead.

Last week the set boxes got an extra surprise of organic broccoli that we were able to source for a great price – this is the benefit of the set boxes – you get great value plus additions not available to the ‘make your own box’ customers!

LAST WEEK FOR CHRISTMAS PREORDERS! Have you started to consider the menu for the all-important Christmas Lunch or dinner? Again this year we’ve got Legs of Ham, Turkey and Chicken, as well as a great range of Christmas Puddings available for pre-order, to ensure that we don’t miss out on ethically produced, lovingly made produce in Christmas week.

Pre-orders will close on December 11th for the meats and December 18th for the Christmas Puddings. All orders will be available on Tuesday December 20th, in time for your preparations.

Chem-free Mushrooms
Organic Cucumber
Organic whole lettuce or salad mix
Organic beetroot bunch
Organic Tomatoes
Organic Carrots
Organic Zucchini
Organic Brown Onions
Organic Nichola Potatoes
Organic Sweet Potato or pumpkin
Organic Silverbeet or Kale
Organic Asparagus (Veg only Box)
Organic Spring Onion (Veg only Box)

 Chem-free Yellow Flesh Plums
Chem-free Bananas
Chem-free Strawberries
Chem-free Red Apples
Organic Mango (Large & Monster Boxes + Fruit Only box)


HOW TO | Glazed Ham for Beginners

While its only a fairly young tradition in our household, Christmas ham is a festive tradition I am happy to continue. This easy to prepare, delicious crowd-pleaser is an obvious investment for us. One of the keys to maintaining some semblance to a nutritious diet over the festive season is having high quality protein within easy reach, and with left overs for days even weeks, purchasing a leg of ham is an easy choice. Click here to read on..

Check out our range of Gooralie Free Range Leg Ham options here..  BEWARE: Do not hesitate, pre-orders close this Sunday evening, December 11th, pick up or delivery is Tuesday 20th December.

HOW TO| Roast Turkey Basics

Again this year we’re offering humanely raised, free range turkeys and leg ham and organic chickens on a pre-order basis, to ensure that you don’t miss out – the local producers of these great offerings have a limited supply and typically run out before Christmas arrives. As Turkey is still fairly rare to find on the Australian Christmas table, we’ve put together a basic ‘how to’ to help you along. If roasting Turkey is old hat, check out the delicious recipe inspiration we have for you here

Whether you’re new to hosting the extended family Christmas dinner or just keen to see what all the fuss is about, we’ve got all you need to know on how to produce a mouth-watering turkey, roasted to moist, decadent perfection. You’ll be gourmet chef of the year with these simple, easy to follow recommendations for roasting your turkey this festive season.

Continue reading here..

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