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Britts Organic Crisp Bread, Black Pepper – 160g


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Crisp bread is a historic food which was a staple of the Vikings, as it would keep for several months. Traditional crisp bread was invented about 500 years ago however, in recent years there has been renewed interest in crisp bread throughout the world. This is due to its prolonged shelf life and natural grainy nutrition. With no preservatives additives or artificial flavors our crispbread complements any light snack 


                   – CHOLESTEROL FREE


     Ingredient : Organic spelt wholemeal flour,80%

                        Non hydrogenated palm fruit oil,                           

                        cracked black pepper, sea salt, 

                         filtered water,  160 gram pack.

Britt’s organic crispbread has a very long shelf life whits is

always printed on the back of the bag. 6 – 7 month from production day

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