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Join us on our farm with our weekly wrap.

Every week we do a short video showing you what we have been up to on the farm

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Wholefood Harvest Organics Online

At Wholefood Harvest; We believe good health arises from good nutrition. We believe that nutritious, tasty food should be accessible. We believe that food should be grown in such a way as to enrich and rejuvenate the planet. At Wholefood Harvest we want to support individuals to make the counter-cultural choice to take responsibility for their own health, wellness and longevity – “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. We supply seasonal organic produce to our community, keeping costs down by supplementing this produce with spray free items where this is deemed more cost effective. With the aim of keeping transport to a minimum, we source produce from the local community where possible, then the surrounds of Brisbane and step geographically outward as required. By using a local pickup system we can really save not only your family but the planet as well. Wholefood Harvest is a community of people who want to take charge of their own health and the health of their family, through eating chemical free, nutrient dense food. We’d love to have you on board!
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
It's not all dirt under the fingernails and fruit handling: each week my little helpers and I open the spreadsheet to curate your organic fruit n' veggie boxes, a time we get to chat a little about what's currently in seasonal abundance 🌞

Today we're planning a delicious surprise for all those who ordered Organic Fruit Boxes.. Blueberries!

Hampton Blue, a certified organic blueberry and raspberry orchard just north of Toowoomba have an abundance of these gems right now, so into the value boxes they go!
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
¤ Your Weekly Dig with Mel ¤

During the week we had a query about why our prices are higher than the local supermarket. To be perfectly honest, the two products are miles apart in taste, nutrient density and toxic chemical inputs during the growing and processing. But its still a fair question when you can get .89c cauliflower at your local fruit shop!

This is Glenn's response, giving a little insight into what is behind the value of the produce you buy:

🌱 "..Just for fun, I did an experiment and added up your order (from us, $54) as if you shopped both from Coles (conventional produce) and also from an Organic shop at Rocklea markets. Although we are an Organic Farm, I thought the comparison would be interesting to go the conventionally grown produce from the supermarkets too. So for the same items that you purchased from us, if purchased from the a major supermarket chain came to $46.49 and from an organic shop at Rocklea markets, $73.96.

🌱 So I guess the question is, what do you get for spending 16% or $7.58 extra? it is already well documented that organic produce is higher in nutrients and better for your health than conventionally grown produce so I won’t go into that. But the reason why we farm, is because the average farmer age in Australia is 58, and the average farmer wage is $57,000 a year.

💚 What isn’t said is that to get that $57,000 you usually work 70-90 hours a week. The reason why the age of farmers is so high compared to the national average worker age (39) is because farmers tell their children to go to the city and get a good paying job, because there is no money in farming. So what happens in 10 or 20 years when there is no young farmers? I decided to leave my electrical trade and become a farmer because I am passionate about regenerative farming, and I hope to be able inspire other young people to rise to the call, and prove that organically farming your land for your local community is rewarding and can be actually a decent way to earn a living, although 70-90 weeks are kind of mandatory.

🌱 Did you know that for every acre to produce food conventionally, we loose 3-5 ton of topsoil? That gives us around 60 years before we have none left. This is also the primary cause of Global Weirding, AKA climate change as topsoil locks up carbon from the atmosphere. Jimboomba soils are quite poor to start with, but I believe, and we are showing, that we can reverse the trend for topsoil loss and once again, give a better planet to our kids.

💚💚 And speaking of kids, I want to hand the farm over to my daughters one day, and show them that this endeavor is a worthy career. I know this is getting long already, but we sell produce from other local growers as well so each purchase you make ensures food security for our community.

🌱 Remember a few months ago when the supermarkets had no fresh produce? While we keep our prices down as much as we can in order to make it as accessible as possible to our local community, we also support ours and our other local farmers livelihoods, and believe in fair pricing for everyone. After all, no farmer = no food. I guess you could say your buying a whole lot more than just produce, your also buying into your children’s future, health and community.

Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
What's behind our pricing? Order before midday Wednesday for all the organic goodies 🍒🍉🍓🍑 -
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Flash back to 5am Saturday morning, Glenn is putting the finishing touches on Mount Cavendish during the Farm Gate Stall set up 🍌 ⛰🌿

See you next weekend!
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online is in Jimboomba, Queensland.
A sneak peak 👀 of today's colourful fare in the final stages of set up 🌽🍅🍆🍠🍍🍓🍒🍉🍏🍊🍋

Organics of note today:
Portobello mushies
Red sweet potato
Plus @solbreads organic blueberry custard dainish and apple & cinnamon danish plus the usual bakery items and Christmas fare 🎄

See you soon!


Saturday mornings 8am - Midday
Cash preferred, all cards accepted
98-110 Mundoolun Road, Jimboomba
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
Wholefood Harvest Organics Online
|| F A R M G A T E S A T U R D A Y ||

See you soon!

🌿 Saturday mornings 8am - Midday
🌿 Cash preferred, all cards accepted
🌿 Bring your basket, minimal packaging
🌿 Onsite parking
🌿 98-110 Mundoolun Road, Jimboomba


Short videos and pictures of working on the farm and with our farmers

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