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Wholefood harvest is dedicated to supporting local community. We believe that by choosing local businesses our community will flourish. Here is a sample of our favourites.

All You Can Eat Gardens
Thinking it’s time to start a kitchen garden but don’t know a spade from a rake? Interested in keeping chooks but don’t know where to start? Make sure you give these guys a call! Passionate, approachable, experienced and knowledgeable, Tim and Anna from All You Can Eat Gardens are a great asset to the community.
Here’s what they say about their operations:
“All You Can Eat Gardens offers a friendly permaculture design service to help you provide your own food. We can design anything from a courtyard to small acreage. Whether you’re interested in growing your own vegetables, fruit trees, chickens, raising fish in aquaponics, keeping bees or turning compost, give us a call. We build and sell top bar bee hives and teach natural beekeeping workshops in the season.”
Phone: 0421 405 783

Got2bfit Personal Training
We love Kelly Frawley from Got2bfit Personal Training! I can confidently say that Kelly’s approach to fitness and nutrition works, as she coached me back to a helathy, functional body and general wellbeing following the birth of our daughter. She’s non-judgemental, supportive and great fun to train with – Mel.
Here’s what Kelly has to say:
“We have the power to heal or hinder our body and mind though food and physical activity.
Thirteen years ago, Got2bfit Personal Training was just a fitness business, like many personal training businesses. But over this time my personal journey with a young family, mental health and physical health lead me to understand that coaching clients is far more than just a fitness gig.
Today, the number one goal of Got2bfit Personal Training is to help clients improve their everyday quality of life and longevity through a focus on health, fitness and wellbeing. Clients see great positive changes to their weight and regularly achieve their fitness goals.”
Phone: 0409 499 481

Crossfit Flourish
Whether you want to lose fat or tone up, move more freely, turn back the clock on aging, or improve your strength and conditioning for other sports, one thing is for sure, Crossfit Flourish will help you enjoy life more!
You won’t find any boring cardio, step machines, bicep curls or Swiss balls here.
You will find a dedicated team that focuses on real fitness that translates into functional, everyday movement patterns. You will find a welcoming community of members of all fitness levels, and you will find that at the end of each session you walk out beaming, flushed with all the feel-good hormones that help you live a happier, healthier, more active life.
We love these guys because they really walk their talk. Highly qualified, friendly, supportive, and absolutely committed to helping each individual journey to their personal best, walking into the Crossfit Flourish gym will be one of the best decisions you make this year.
Phone: (07) 3040 6333

Spirited Health Kinesiology
The beautiful Paige of Spirited Health embraces health not only through feeding the body well but keeping bodies balanced and in harmony through kinesiology. Whether you are struggling with intolerances or sensitivities, physical pain or emotional challenges kinesiology is a gentle and effective way to bring your body back into balance naturally.
Phone: (07) 5543 6523
Mobile: 0405 741 327


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