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We believe that food is at the heart of our most important relationships: to each other, to ourselves, to nature. We believe that locally grown and produced food is by far the best for your body, our community and the planet.

Why are we so keen on local food?

By supporting local food systems, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Local food systems are generally made up of small, independently owned farms and companies. Owners care about the quality of the food they’re producing, the land they tend, the people they’re employing and the communities they’re a part of. Producers and customers have closer relationships with greater accountability to each other.

Eating local food is an opportunity to experience forgotten flavours that are unique to a region and to a season. It’s a chance to remember that real people grow and make our food, and to recognise the value of their work. It’s a means of rejecting, three times a day, the passive, anonymous consumption of processed food that large corporations encourage.

So what does this mean for you? Does buying from the farmers and local producers through Wholefood Harvest really out do the grocery chain down the road?

Here are a few points to consider…

You’ll get better food: our focus on sourcing locally grown produce means that you’ll always have the freshest food that is naturally tastier and at optimum nutrition levels. Just harvested fruits and veggies are more nutrition as they don’t hang around for days, in transport or months deteriorating in cold storage. You’ll actually get real food, not nutritionally compromised food-like products.

You’ll have less bother: The weekly grocery shop is done in minutes. No bothersome parking lots, no trolley, no screaming kids, bright lights and shameless marketing as you walk the isles. Your shopping list complete in minutes from the comfort of your lounge chair or the chilled atmosphere of the Farm Gate Stall

You’ll experience the personal touch: The Wholefood Harvest team take great pride in their products and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are thrilled with your produce. We’re real people concerned with real people, if you have a concern, we’re just an email or phone call away!

You’ll be part of a grassroots community: We are committed to the community that we serve. You’ll see us out and about at the local community garden, or at the natural parenting group we actively support. You’ll be part of a conscientious community of like-minded individuals, couples and families, striving to ensure optimum health of themselves, those around them and the planet. Stop and have a chat next time you pop into the Stall!

You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit – JOEL SALATIN

How local is local?

The vast majority of products in the Wholefood Harvest Farm Stall and webstore are locally produced, by independent local farmers and businesses. We are passionate about keeping our offerings as local as possible at all times. We know however that some of the household staples just aren’t available locally. So in order to save you a trip to the grocery store for one or two (most likely non organic) items, we source a few products from the wider area. We start with our immediate community, then look at the greater Brisbane region, Qld and finally across Australia. We see this as the best way to have happy customers and happy suppliers.



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